Meet Wes Berry

Wes Berry founded and built a business with over $750 million in sales. He has been on the front lines of commerce, creating a private vocational school, a retail franchise system covering five states, and a half-dozen million-dollar companies.

A true storyteller, Wes is a communicator of the highest order, authoring sixteen bestselling books in the business and success genres. Including the Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY bestsellerBig Things Have Small Beginnings.

His extensive business knowledge and communications skills have made him an expert media contributor on many topics and has been featured on NPRThe Wall Street JournalThe London TimesEntrepreneur and Time magazinesFox NewsNeil CavutoGeraldo Rivera, and John Stossel, to name just a few.

Wes Berry giving a motivational keynote.

Wes built a significant business with sales of over $750 million. He is also the Wall Street Journal and USA TODAY’s best-selling author of the book Big Things Have Small Beginnings, part of his Business and Leadership Series.

Wes is a veteran Keynote Speaker and broadcaster with over 30 years of experience. He’s an exciting Motivational Speaker and an excellent addition to any conference, industry trade show, or annual event. His extensive business, motivational, and community service acumen has made him an expert for many venues, including appearances on several talk shows.

Over the years, he’s provided consulting services to over 40 businesses even while simultaneously establishing a retail franchise system that operated 30 units in five states. 

Big Things Have Small Beginnings

Big Things Have Small Beginnings by Wes Berry
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